Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety: With the coronavirus upon us it is a very frightening time and many of us will struggle with anxiety, having unhelpful thoughts and overwhelming feelings.  We need to remember that anxiety is a way in which our body alerts us to danger. Our bodies give us a fight, flight or freeze response.

FIGHT: when we need to fight our way out of trouble

FLIGHT: when we need to escape the danger

FREEZE: when we need to be immobile and numb

Let’s consider the evolutionary perspective of anxiety.  Take a look at the Anxious and “Unanxious” Caveman: Who Would Survive?:

That’s right.  It would be the caveman who is anxious and prepared.

But, what can we do when our anxiety overwhelms you and leaves you feeling out of control?

Counselling offers you a chance to talk about your anxious thoughts and feelings.  A place where you can begin to identify your triggers and begin to think about doing things differently and deal with the symptoms of anxiety.     

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